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About Us


Olive Oil Lovers began with a love, a passion - perhaps even an obsession - with olive oil. After living-in and traveling around the Mediterranean basin and partaking in the wonderful cuisines of the regions, each using copious amounts of locally-produced extra virgin olive oil, we realized there was a huge deficit for quality olive oil in the United States.

Joanne in Grove


While the selection of olive oil is growing every year, there remains a long way to go in educating buyers and consumers alike to seek-out higher quality, beautifully fruity, genuine extra virgin olive oil. In addition, consumers who do seek out a better olive oil remain confused when staring at the wide selection of olive oils set before them in a store.



Here at Olive Oil Lovers we aim to do-away with the confusion by not only offering a comprehensive selection of some of the best oils in the world, but to also provide you with the critical information necessary to help find the right oil for you. We’re not just an online store, but a platform where the olive oil novice and connoisseur alike can expand their knowledge and their palate.

Fresh Oil


We understand that no two palates are alike and our ever-expanding line of olive oil is specially chosen to offer something for everyone. Whether it be a grassy, peppery Koroneiki from Crete; a softer, fruity Arbequina from Andalusia; or a powerfully pungent Moraiolo from Tuscany, we have the perfect olive oil just for you.

Tasting Oil


Not only has every oil in our online olive oil shop been personally chosen for its outstanding quality, flavor and aromas, but also for the dedication and innovation of the producers who stand behind their products. For this reason we greatly value traveling to visit the passionate producers behind the oil. They walk us through their olive groves, sharing the history of their company and passion for olive oil; we observe their meticulous production methods from harvest to press; and of course, we sample their freshly-pressed olive oil as it pours out of the tap, partaking in the pleasure of tasting the final result of their hard work.

Olive grove in Andalusia, Spain

Message From The President


Around a decade ago I took a trip to the southernmost Greek island of Crete, a place known not only for its natural beauty but also for its renowned Mediterranean Diet of fresh fish, wild greens, garden vegetables, legumes, and of course, olive oil.

At first I was shocked by the copious amount of olive oil the locals were using in every dish, but soon learned why the liquid gold has been such an integral, beloved ingredient in their centuries-old cuisine. This was nothing like the olive oil I was used to buying blindly without much thought at my local supermarket in the United States; this olive oil was full of flavors reminiscent of green grass, fresh artichoke and sweet almond, with a delightful bitterness and pungency that lightly tickled the back of the throat, begging the question, why did olive oil not taste anything like this in the United States, even when they’re labeled extra virgin?

Through further travels and research, I quickly learned the ins and outs of the olive oil trade by traveling to international trade shows, continually sampling oils from around the world and visiting with passionate producers whose entire lives are dedicated to making olive oils of the most superior quality.

My thirst for knowledge eventually brought me to Liguria, Italy in the Fall of 2011 to partake in a week-long International Technical Course for Aspirant Olive Oil Tasters through ONAOO (Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Olio di Oliva). The course not only fine-tuned my talent for tasting olive oil, such as identifying an oil’s positive attributes as well as any defects, but helped me further understand the detailed factors that contribute to an olive oil’s quality, such as harvesting the olives at their optimum ripeness, making sure they are crushed within hours of picking, keeping temperatures low during the extraction process, and the importance of using state-of-the-art machinery.

During the same period of time back in the United States, much attention was being given to the questionable practices happening in the olive oil industry with Tom Muller’s article, Slippery Business, published in The New Yorker in 2007, along with his follow-up book, Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil, as well as the much-touted UC Davis Report published in 2010, which found the majority of well-known olive oil brands on supermarket shelves failed to meet the International Olive Oil Council’s standards for extra virgin olive oil.

In an industry wrought with fraud, poor quality and misleading labels, consumers were left feeling not only cheated, but terribly confused about which olive oil to buy. Realizing this void and combining my passion for olive oil, I gathered my knowledge and resources and pooled together the olive oil producers I felt were doing right by the consumer by producing amazing-quality olive oil, and founded a platform where Americans could not only purchase some of the best olive oils in the world, but increase their knowledge and understanding of the product as well, launching OliveOilLovers.com in the Fall of 2012.

I’ve always felt the only way to change the olive oil industry is with one customer at a time. Once you taste a really great extra virgin olive oil, you just can’t go back, you’re hooked. You’ve just experienced something truly special.

Joanne Lacina
President & Founder