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Almazaras de la Subbetica Madera Rojo Gift Set

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There are no available gift boxes for this item.
Item comes with gift box pictured.
Unique gift set including top two award winning oils from Almazaras de la Subbí©tica
Varietal Blends
Extra Virgin Olive Oils
Fall 2015 (NEW)
Extra Virgin
2x 500ml (2x 16.9 oz)
Andalusia, Spain
Hojiblanca, Picuda
Fall 2015
Almazaras de la Subbetica

Enjoy two top-quality extra virgin olive oils from renowned Spanish producer, Almazaras de la Subbética. This unique gift box includes both the award-winning Rincon de la Subbética and Parqueoliva Serie Oro extra virgin olive oils as well as a detailed informational booklet.

Rincon de la Subbética: One of the top 50 Best Olive Oil in the World, this 100% Hojiblanco extra virgin olive oil is intensely fruity with aromas of herbaceous plants, thyme and mint with prominent notes of tomato and garden vegetables. The taste is initially sweet with a green almond flavor and a moderately spicy finish. This fragrant oil is best when paired with heavier meals that are rich in flavor. Drizzle over toast, mixed salads, tomatoes, meat and oily fish.

Parqueoliva Serie Oro: An extraordinarily well-balanced oil with aromas of intense green fruit such as apples and green banana along with vegetal notes of tomato and artichoke, fresh-cut grass and green almonds. On the palette, the oil is sweet with notes of green almond and has a delightful pungent finish. This oil is ideal for carpaccios, pastas, sauces, meats and white fish.

Almazaras de la Subbetica


Almazaras de la Subbetica

Almazaras de la SubbÌ©tica is located within the rugged and mountainous terrain of the Sierras SubbÌ©ticas national park in the south of the Province of CÌ_rdoba, an area with a unique microclimate characterized by high rainfall and large temperature variations. It is in this setting that their legendary mature olive trees stand majestically in a landscape that has remained unchanged through the passage of time. Almazaras de la SubbÌ©tica is a first-level agricultural cooperative formed in July of 2007 following the merger of two prestigious and experienced cooperatives: S.C.A Virgen del Castillo, founded in 1954 in Carcabuey and S.C.A Olivarera Nuestro Padre Jes̼s Nazareno, founded in the early 1960s in Priego de CÌ_rdoba. With the modernization of farming techniques, the use of modern machinery and a focus on top quality, Almazaras de la SubbÌ©tica has managed to adapt tradition and technology to the high quality standards demanded by the most discerning of consumers.

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