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Finca La Torre Monovarietal Gift Set


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An exclusive collection of monocultivar extra virgin olive oil from Finca La Torre
EU / USDA Organic
Extra Virgin Olive Oils
Fall 2015 (NEW)
Organic Extra Virgin
4x 250ML (4x 8.45oz)
Andalusia, Spain
Fall 2015
Finca La Torre

Explore the finest flavors of Spain with this exclusive collection of monocultivar extra virgin olive oils from award-winning Spanish producer, Finca La Torre:

Organic Arbequina: This award-winning extra virgin olive oil is harvested from organically grown Arbequina olives and is wonderfully fresh, sweet and spicy with delicate fruity undertones of banana and green apple making it particularly ideal for green or fruit salads, soft cheeses and seafood.

Organic Cornicabra: Harvested exclusively from organically grown Cornicabra olives, this oil is intensely fruity with predominant notes of freshly cut grass and artichoke. Its flavor is sweet, bitter and persistently spicy with a sweet almond finish. Pair with grilled or roasted meats and bitter green salads, such as arugula or endive.

Organic Hojiblanca: This award-winning extra virgin olive oil is harvested from organically grown Hojiblanca olives and is uniquely fresh and fruity with slight bitter and spicy notes. The flavor is persistent and balanced with flavors of green almond, apple and banana and is excellent for bread dipping, or drizzling over garden salads, soups and grilled or raw vegetables.

Organic Picuda: Harvested exclusively from organic Picuda variety olives, this oil is intensely fruity with notes of freshly cut grass, tomato and green banana. Its flavor is sweet and balanced in bitter and spiciness with notes of green almond and apple. This oil pairs well with bitter green salads, pumpkin soups and aged cheeses.

For more than 2,200 years, Finca la Torre has occupied a special place in the fascinating world of olive oil production and is one of the oldest in the world. Located just 15 minutes from the lively center of Antequera and completely surrounded by olive groves, fields and pine forests, their location provides the optimum conditions for olive growing and is simply ideal for cultivation in accordance with organic guidelines. The company uses their extensive expertise from optimal pruning, fertilization with their own compost, as well as targeted irrigation and skillful pest control. And above all, they apply state-of-the-art technology and utilize up-to-date resources to ensure that the green gold you use in your kitchen is a pure and as fresh as possible, enabling you to enjoy the fine aromas and ‰ÛÏfresh from the mill‰Û taste.

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