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Frantoi Cutrera Frescolio Novello

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NOVELLO: Italian extra virgin olive oil pressed from a blend of Sicilian olives and bottled immediately.
Robust, Robust Harmonious
Varietal Blends
Extra Virgin Olive Oils
Fall 2016 (NEW)
Extra Virgin NOVELLO
500ml (16.9 oz)
Sicily, Italy
Moresca, Tonda Iblea, Biancolilla, Nocellara
Fall 2016
Frantoi Cutrera

Harvested early from green olives and bottled soon after crushing, this limited edition unfiltered olive oil is the true taste of the Sicilian olive harvest. Its fresh, fruity aroma is extraordinarily intense with pronounced notes of fresh aromatic herbs that is characteristic of a freshly produced oil. The full-bodied flavor is rich and enveloping with a spicy and bitter freshness. This oil is exceptional on freshly baked bread and perfect on bruschetta, vegetable soups and grilled game, as well as hearty winter dishes such as stews and casseroles.



What is Novello?

Novello, Italian for "new" (and sometimes called Olio Nuovo), is the name given to early harvest extra virgin olive oil that is freshly pressed from green olives and is a celebration of the beginning of the olive harvest season.

What about Novello's flavor and aromas?

Novello is totally unfiltered with intensely fresh, fruity aromas predominant of green olives, fresh cut grass and herbs. Its flavor is typically robust and spicy with a pleasant, slightly bitter finish. Check each product’s description for indications of the intensity.

How is Novello best enjoyed?

There is no better way to enjoy a Novello oil than simply with a piece of warm, crusty bread. Its flavor is so fresh, so unique, you may just want to drink it! Novello is best consumed at its freshest, so don’t be afraid to use liberally with bread as well as in your soups, salads, pasta and other dishes needing flavor.


How can you deliver Novello so fast after harvest?

We partner with some of the world's best producers to bottle a Novello oil just for you. After the oil has been freshly pressed we immediately fly a limited stock to our facilities on the East Coast and all customers with pre-orders get theirs first.

Why pre-order a Novello?

The reason we enable pre-orders for Novello is getting the oil to you as soon as possible. Pre-orders ship the very moment Novellos arrive in our facilities, ensuring you are going to experience an olive oil as fresh that even natives to olive oil production areas rarely have the opportunity to get their hands on. Another reason is the very limited stock we are able to secure each year. Pre-orders go on until we run out of stock. And on top of it all, we offer free shipping for all pre-orders.

Frantoi Cutrera


Frantoi Cutrera

For generations the Cutrera family has been dedicating their lives to the cultivation of olive trees and olive oil production, a profession carried on for decades with passion and love that binds the family to its land. The company's origins date back more than a century ago to 1906 when the Cutrera family first began to cultivate and care for their olive trees in Chiaramonte Gulfi, a small town in south-eastern Sicily. In 1979, Giovanni Cutrera, the head of the family, founded their very first mill the help of his wife, Mary. Over the years Giovanni‰'s children, Maria, Giusy and Salvatore joined their Dad on his farm, and in 1999, decided to open a second mill. The Cutrera family pays diligent attention to each stage of olive oil production: harvesting the olives by hand to minimize damage, transporting the olives to the mill within 6 hours and cold-extracting the oil with scrupulous attention. By maintaining a balance between tradition and innovation, Frantoi Cutrera continues the legacy that the farm's members have been putting into practice for over a century.

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