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Frantoio Franci Large Wooden Box Gift Set

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There are no available gift boxes for this item.
Item comes with gift box pictured.
A gift set of four award winning oils from Tuscany's Frantoio Franci
Extra Virgin Olive Oils
Fall 2015 (NEW)
Extra Virgin
4x 250ml (4x 8.45 oz)
Tuscany, Italy
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Fall 2015
Frantoio Franci

A gourmet set of four of Frantoio Franci’s award-winning extra virgin olive oils packaged in a large wooden gift box:

  • OLIVASTRA SEGGIANESE: An award-winning extra virgin olive oil pressed from 100% hand-picked Olivastra Seggianese variety olives. It maintains a clear scent of olives, is fresh and delicate with an aroma of vegetables, artichoke and a hint of banana. The flavor is delicate and well-rounded with a well-balanced fruity and herbaceous flavor. Initially sweet on the palate, it finishes with a medium peppery intensity. Use fresh on fish, strong-flavored salads, artichoke dip, home-made mayonnaise and for oil-preserved vegetables.
  • LE TREBBIANE: An outstanding varietal blend from hand-picked, Tuscan-grown Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and Olivastra variety olives. It’s fresh and fruity aroma is rich with grassy scents with a predominance of artichoke and elegant notes of fruit and spice. Its taste is herbaceous and complex with hints of artichoke, blossoms and fruit with a rich, peppery finish. Wonderful for dressing fresh soups, vegetables, green salads, medium-flavored fish and roast meats.
  • VILLA MAGRA del FRANCI: Pressed from Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino variety olives hand-picked in late October, this oil has an intense fruity aroma of green olive with, a fresh and pungent grassy scent with hints of artichoke and elegant notes of roasted coffee. A well-structured, complex oil with a spicy finish, this oil is ideal for drizzling on soups, boiled or raw vegetables, red meats, tomato salads, plain rice or pasta and well-matured cheeses.
  • VILLA MAGRA GRAN CRU: Pressed exclusively from 100% Coreggiolo early-harvest olives. An intensely grassy oil with aromas of artichoke and green almond, enhanced by floral and cherry hints, which creates an extremely complex bouquet. Use this oil fresh on potatoes, beans, chickpeas and vegetables and fresh cheese, or on red meat of strong-flavored fish. It is also excellent on spinach, ricotta tortelli, or with plain rice and pasta with slivers of parmesan.
Frantoio Franci


Frantoio Franci

Founded in 1958, Frantoio Franci is located in Montenero d‰ÛªOrcia, a small hilltop town on the slopes of the Amiata Mountains overlooking the splendid valley of the River Orcia. In that year the brothers Franco and Fernando Franci purchased the famous Villa Magra olive grove, proceeding to transform the old barn into an oil mill where they continue to produce some of the most outstanding oils in Tuscany today. Winning prestigious awards year after year from the likes of the Slow Food Guide, Flos Olei, and the ‰ÛÏMaestri Oleari‰Û, the most prestigious international olive oil competition, Frantoio Franci continues to honor their commitment to producing true, genuine quality extra virgin olive oils without compromise.

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