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Full Moon Duo Gift Set


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An elegant oil and vinegar combo from the award-winning Pago Baldios San Carlos of Extremadura.
Varietal Blends
Oil & Vinegar Sets
Fall 2015 (NEW)
Extra Virgin
2x 200ml (2x 6.76 oz)
Extremadura, Spain
TYPE (vinegar):
Fall 2015
Pago Baldios San Carlos

An elegant oil and vinegar gift set from the award-winning Full Moon product line from Pago Baldios San Carlos of Extremadura, Spain.

FULL MOON ARBEQUINA: This unique extra virgin olive oil is made with Arbequina olives that are harvested during the Full Moon of October, drawing on the ancient farming tradition to follow the lunar cycle and maximize the benefit of its natural influence. The moon controls nature, influences tides, rain, animals, plants and humans and is believed to accentuate the intensity of the oil. Full Moon Arbequina’s aroma is elegant and rotund, rich in vegetal hints of lettuce, artichoke and wild thistle with fruity notes of unripe tomato and fresh walnut. It is ideal for meat, seafood, cheeses, desserts and more.

FULL MOON GRAND RESERVE VINEGAR: A dark balsamic-style vinegar obtained from the must of Pedro Ximenéz grapes which have been meticulously selected and aged for more than 12 years in American Oak barrels using the system of Criaderas and Soleras. Thanks to this unique system, San Carlos Gourmet Grand Reserve Vinegar gets its own personality and extraordinary degree of concentration that is reflected in its aromatic power and deep mahogany color. The blend of grapes has been specially made to pair with Full Moon Arbequina extra virgin olive oil and is ideal for dressing fish, meats and salads.

Pago Baldios San Carlos


Pago Baldios San Carlos

Located in the Valley of TiÌ©tar in CÌÁceres, Extremadura, Spain, the Pago Baldios San Carlos family has been linked to agriculture since the 17th century. The unique microclimate of the valley makes it possible to harvest fifteen days earlier than usual, giving their products an outstanding fruity flavor. The olive groves, located in the foothills of Sierra de Gredos and situated amongst raspberry, orange and cherry trees, drink the crystal clear waters provided by the almost perpetual snows of Pico Almanzor Mountain and ripen under the rays of the Extremadura sun. This extraordinary location allows their oils to reach minimum levels of acidity and gives their products the unique fruity aromas. The oils and vinegars of Pago Baldios San Carlos continually garner some of the most prestigious awards in the world and are beloved by some of the best Michelin Star chefs in Spain.

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