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Masia el Altet Deluxe Package

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The four oils that put Valencia on the map. Masia el Altet's very best!
Robust Extreme, Robust
Extra Virgin Olive Oils
Roasted/Grilled Veg, Red Meat, Aged Cheese, Soups & Stews
Fall 2016 (NEW)
Extra Virgin
4x 500ml (4x 16.9 oz)
Valencia, Spain
Fall 2016
Masia el Altet

HIGH QUALITY (yellow)An olive oil unique to its production area in Valencia, this extra virgin olive oil is a special blend of 60% Picual, 20% Arbequina, and 20% Genovesa, Blanqueta and Alfafarenca, native to the area. The aroma is fresh, elegant and balanced with pronounced notes freshly cut grass with fruity notes of green banana, prunes, and green almonds. Its taste is sweet and dense, with a delightful balance of spiciness and bitterness with notes of citric fruit, green banana, artichoke and tomato. The "High Quality" oil by Masia el Altet is also a favorite by French Chef Joël Robuchon whose restaraunts have amassed 28 Michelin Stars over the years.

PREMIUM QUALITY (blue)Pressed from a careful blend of unique local olive varieties native to Valencia consisting of 30% Changlot Real, 30% Picual and 40% native varietals, Genovesa and Blanqueta. This extra virgin olive oil is of exceptional quality and renowned for its high polyphenol content. The aroma is fresh, elegant and balanced with pronounced notes of fresh cut grass, artichoke, green banana, apple and a slight hint of citric fruit and herbs. In the mouth, it is semi-sweet with flavors of endive, tomato and green fruit with a slightly spicy finish.

HIGH END (gray/red)An oil pressed exclusively from Picual olives that can be described as nothing less than pure elegance. The aromas are a true explosion of spring vegetables, tomato, artichoke and green almond with just a hint of peach, apricot and herbs. The taste is well-balanced, elegant and structured. The spiciness of this oil make it ideal for stronger flavored dishes such as grilled red meats, roasted vegetables, bitter green salads, and pumpkin soups.

SPECIAL SELECTION (brown/gold)Aa balanced and harmonious Monovarietal extra virgin olive oil produced exclusively from the Changlot Real olives native to Valencia. The aroma is wonderfully herbaceous with notes of freshly-cut grass, fennel, citrus fruits and green banana with hints of green almond and tomato. With its complex and balanced flavor, this oil will complement a wide range of dishes from sautéed fish and broiled meats to green salads and soups.

Masia el Altet


Masia el Altet

The exceptional extra virgin olive oils of Masia el Altet are produced from native olives collected in the fields of the Alicante Mountains of Valencia, an area with a unique microclimate that allows the production of olives. Their rural farm is located in a narrow valley known as Polop, surrounded by mountains, pines, oaks and junipers. Bushes of sage, thyme, rosemary and mint dot the hillsides, contributing to the extraordinary beauty of the area known as the ‰''Kingdom of Valencia‰''. During the harvest season, the olives are picked at the ideal state of maturity and immediately transferred to the olive mill where they are cold-extracted, decanted, and preserved with nitrogen in stainless steel tanks, ensuring the oil‰'s quality and integrity. The oils of Masia el Altet are prized by internationally recognized Michelin Star chefs and continue to garner some of the most prestigious awards in the world.

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