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Pruneti Mignon Collection


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Set of three monocultivar organic oils from Frantoio Pruneti
Extra Virgin Olive Oils
Fall 2015 (NEW)
Organic Extra Virgin
3x 100ml (3x 3.38 oz)
Tuscany, Italy
Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo
Fall 2015
Frantoio Pruneti

A complete set of three monocultivar oils from award-winning producer, Frantoio Pruneti: Leccino, Moraiolo, and Frantoio. All oils are pressed from organically farmed olives grown in the renowned Chianti Classico region of Tuscany. The collection is a wonderful way to compare and appreciate the differences between the most typical varieties of the Chianti region, while offering several tips for matching each oil with different dishes.

LECCINO: A light intensity oil, balanced in both bitter and spiciness, though not aggressive, with aromas of grass, fresh vegetables and green apple, with a simple white pepper finish.

MORAIOLO: An oil of strong intensity and spicy sensations with aromas of almond, nuts, oregano, and dried fig, with a powerful black pepper finish.

FRANTOIO: An oil of strong intensity with notes of artichoke, arugula, green almond and cucumber, with a green pepper and rosemary finish.

Recent International Awards

2015 Flos Olei - Top Farm (97/100)
2015 Flos Olei - "Made With Love" Award
2015 Monocultivar Expo - Gold Medal - Organic
2015 BiOL - Gold Medal - DOP Products
2015 BiOL - Silver Medal - Producer
2015 Merum - Best Organic Mill
2015 Hercules - Premium Award
2015 Olive Japan - Gold Medal

2014 Flos Olei - Top Farm (97/100)
2014 Flos Olei - "Made With Love" Award
2014 BiOL - Gold Medal - DOP Products

Frantoio Pruneti


Frantoio Pruneti

In the heart of Chianti Classico, a territory famous for its excellent agricultural cultivation of olive trees, the young brothers Pruneti, passionate about extra virgin olive oil from an early age, live as guardians of a family tradition handed down over four generations. The Pruneti family personally oversees all stages of production through to the final product, ensuring that their oils reach the highest levels of quality. Applying both ancient wisdom and new knowledge to their production process, Pruneti‰Ûªs extra virgin olive oil has earned its place as a true symbol of the land. Their company is consistently awarded by the editors of Marco Oreggia‰Ûªs Flos Olei guidebook and given the ‰ÛÏTop Farm‰Û ranking of 97/100 in 2014.

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