Producer Feature: Oro del Desierto

Posted by Olive Oil Lovers on 29th May 2013

At Olive Oil Lovers we greatly value the relationships with the producers whose oils we feature on our site and visit their estates whenever possible. The following is a travelogue from a visit to the … read more

Shaved Artichoke and Parmesan Salad

Posted by Olive Oil Lovers on 16th May 2013

Now that we are finally well into Spring, it is time to play around with the delicious veggies of the season where in many areas of the Mediterranean, it is the season of the artichoke. One will find … read more

Pan Tumaca con Jamón Recipe - A Taste Of Catalonia

Posted by Olive Oil Lovers on 25th Apr 2013

While traversing through the south of Spain last harvest season, one of our favorite local dishes of which we never tired was the pan tumaca con jamón. Originating in the Catalonian region of Spain, p … read more

Spinach Lentil Soup

Posted by Olive Oil Lovers on 4th Apr 2013

With Spring still struggling to make its appearance and cold temperatures hanging on until the bitter end, why not keep warm with a healthy bowl of spinach lentil soup in the meantime? Quick and easy … read more

Olive Oil Honey Glazed Ham

Posted by Olive Oil Lovers on 25th Mar 2013

With the holidays fast-approaching, many of you are finding yourselves scrambling to plan the perfect meal for family and friends. For those of you dreaming of enjoying a succulent roasted ham this ho … read more