Delicious Greek Boureki Recipe

Posted by Olive Oil Lovers on 14th Mar 2013

With the days getting longer and temperatures creeping back up, we’re beginning to crave the foods of the season ahead. A staple dish in Greece, Boureki is typically made in the summertime when there … read more

Hearty Olive Oil Granola

Posted by Olive Oil Lovers on 6th Mar 2013

Most recipes for granola call for vegetable oil, which can easily be replaced by a good extra virgin olive oil. We used a gorgeously fruity Sicilian oil from Basirico to complement the sweetness … read more

Debunking The Olive Oil Fridge Test

Posted by Olive Oil Lovers on 23rd Feb 2013

Like many of you out there, we are well aware of the misinformation that was told to viewers of the Dr. Oz show during a recent segment about food fraud regarding the olive oil fridge test. Dr. … read more

Producer Feature: Castillo de Canena

Posted by Olive Oil Lovers on 21st Feb 2013

Perched at the peak of the small village of Canena in Northern Andalusia sits the castle of Castillo de Canena for which it gets its name. The drive up to the castle is a short but winding one t … read more

Potato Leek Soup with Smoked Arbequino Olive Oil

Posted by Olive Oil Lovers on 15th Feb 2013

We’re really excited about the newest innovative product to come from renowned Spanish producer, Castillo de Canena: Oak Smoked Arbequino Extra Virgin Olive Oil. When we were first introduced to the … read more