Potato Zucchini Latkes

Posted by Catherine Murray on 21st Jun 2018

What is it we’re always searching for when we’re tired of figuring out dinner? Something simple, cheap, fast, and not too decadent or too healthy. Latkes cover all the bases. Grate up a few bat … read more

Southwestern Sliders w/ Oven Fries & Chipotle Aioli

Posted by Jesse Rockwell on 21st Jun 2018

Back to the classics! There are those times when nothing else will do besides a good burger. In this recipe we’ll shrink down a classic, and spice it up with jalapeños and a delicious chipot … read more

Flourless Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

Posted by Eva Kosmas Flores on 21st Jun 2018

A delicious and rich dessert choice, this delightful cake combines olive oil and chocolate in a dense single layer. When sprinkled with a bit of sea salt and powdered sugar, it creates a delici … read more

One-Toss Mixed Bean Salad

Posted by Catherine Murray on 21st Jun 2018

This vegan, protein-rich bean salad is light enough for a summer picnic side dish and hearty enough for a substantial meal. We recommend  Entelia extra virgin olive oil for this recip … read more

Mango Avocado Salad

Posted by Catherine Murray on 21st Jun 2018

Everything you’d ever want to eat on a hot summer’s night. Prep Time: 15 minutes Servings: 6 side salads, 4 mealsSalad Ingredients 2 fresh or frozen mangos, cubed 2 avocados, cut into … read more