October 1, 2019

Dylan Ebbers
Senior Director

Olive Oil Lovers brings exclusive early-harvest Spanish Novellos to the US Market

PASSAIC, NJ – Olive Oil Lovers, the leading importer and retailer of premium extra virgin olive oils in the United States, is proud to announce their exclusive partnership with two of Spain’s leading olive oil producers to bring their freshly crushed Novello olive oils to US consumers just weeks after the start of the 2019 harvest. 

Olive Oil Lovers has cultivated a long-standing relationship with multi-award winning Andalusian producers, Oro Bailen, from Jaén, and Oro del Desierto, from Tabernas, both widely considered among the top 10 producers of quality olive oil in the world. As the US importer of their premium extra virgin olive oils, Olive Oil Lovers is thrilled to be exclusively delivering their limited-edition Spanish Novello olive oils into homes, businesses and restaurants across the United States.

Novello olive oils are very fresh, flavorful olive oils produced only at the start of harvest season. Crushed from green, early harvest olives and bottled immediately, these unfiltered olive oils provide a bright, nuanced flavor that captures the terroir of the land where they were produced.

“The Novellos are the first and freshest taste of the season’s bounty. Their production is the defining moment of each harvest, serving as the kickoff for the most exciting time of year for everyone in the olive oil industry,” said Olive Oil Lovers’ Founder and President, Joanne Lacina. “We’re so excited to be working exclusively with two of the world’s most celebrated Spanish producers during this year’s Novello season.”

Novello olive oils offer a truly unique culinary experience to the novice chef, the practiced gourmand, and everyone in between, making them a celebrated seasonal addition to any kitchen or gourmet shop. Pre-orders are available now for business wholesale or retail ecommerce via

About Oro Bailen:

Located in the town of Villanueva de la Reina in the province of Jaen, Oro Bailen is sited in the province's Sierra Norte in the foothills of the Sierra Morena, a Mediterranean forest full of a wide variety of flora and fauna. Owned and operated by the Gálvez-Gónzalez family, they are able to oversee the various phases of production, providing full traceability, from the formation of the fruit on the tree to the final packaging, ensuring an excellent quality product. 

About Oro del Desierto:

Oro del Desierto is a family-owned and operated business located in the Tabernas region of Southern Spain. In this unique rugged landscape with more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, hand-harvested olives are cold-pressed using 100% renewable energy within eight hours of harvesting, resulting in a 100% organic extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality and flavor. Through the use of clean energy, Oro del Desierto understands the olive grove as an ecosystem in which they intervene and take great care in the management of the soil, plants, rainwater and wild animals, essential for maintaining the ecological culture.

About Olive Oil Lovers:

Strategically located in the Northeastern United States, Olive Oil Lovers is a major importer and packer of high quality extra virgin olive oils from the world's top-producing regions. With full sourcing, bottling and warehousing capabilities, they service a broad range of sectors including: Private Label, Grocery, Gourmet Retail, Food Service / Chefs / Restaurants, Bulk / Tasting Shops, Food Ingredient, Corporate Gifts, Gift Baskets, Party Favors, etc. Olive Oil Lovers also directly imports top award-winning olive oil brands from the world's most respected olive oil producers, making them readily available for wholesale and retail ecommerce purchase via