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The Story

Coming from a family of brick makers and with a business degree in tow - José Gálvez quite literally knew how to build success.

It wasn’t even until the early 2000s that José learned about the nuances of olive oil. The more he consumed the more it seemed to consume him, so much that he chased a Masters Degree in Oliviculture and Elaiotechnics and an expert course in tasting from the University of Jaen for which he completed by 2006. While most olive oil producers in Andalusia focus on the quantity of oil, the Gálvez-González family saw a bite-sized gap for super high quality olive oil and José’s goal was to fill it.

Only a few years later in 2012, Oro Bailen Reserva Familiar Picual came in first at the Mario Solinas Quality Awards in the intense green fruitiness category, known in the industry as the most prestigious competition and the most competitive category there is. Dozens of awards from all over the world would soon follow, and in 2015 the producer added a single variety Arbequina to their line - equally exquisite and a brilliant yet contrasted companion to the Picual.

It’s their dedication to consistency and balance that makes Oro Bailen stand out from the rest. While other oils have minor fluctuations in fruitiness, bitterness and pungency from year to year, Oro Bailen finds a way to please those of us who want perfect to stay perfect, so that each and every time we taste we are delighted. Bringing such an experience to a seasonal product is unheard of, especially with the all the weather variables, but José finds a way.

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The People Behind Oro Bailen

The People
José Gálvez

José is one of the most meticulous producers in the industry. During the harvest he tastes dozens of samples each day, identifying the most subtle of differences between each sample and then sorts each batch into the tank that needs it the most.

Oro Bailen’s remarkable consistency in quality and taste characteristics are due largely in part to Jose’s palate and quality control, which is what drives the entire company forward:

“The most fulfilling part of this work is to see and to feel the evolution of the product. How we take care of even the smallest details about the fruit, the harvest, and every process to obtain our final EVOO. And after, to check that the consumers enjoy and value increasingly our products and our effort.

This business adventure turns into a philosophy of life, aimed not only at selling a product, but also at informing, promoting and building up the excellences of a product that has been so well known throughout history, but the excellences of which as an oil and healthy food are so unknown, as well as its different types of varieties with which to enjoy, unite and savor a true fruit juice such as 100% natural, extra virgin olive oil.”

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The Land & Trees

Jaen produces more oil than any other province in the world. Picual, the oldest variety, is used due to, among other things, its precocity of production, to the ease of cultivation and especially to the quality of the olive oil obtained. It is a tree of great vigor, with short branches, very resistant to the frost, although it adapts badly to the prolonged droughts and to the excessively calcareous grounds. Arbequina, the other variety on the estate, is characterized by high resistance to cold, very low vigor and low resistance to calcareous soils. It is the base of the modern intensive plantations since its low vigor allows a high density of plants.

Daily tours (90 minutes) explain the extra virgin olive oil process from the fruit reception, cleaning, beating and extraction to the storage and the bottling. Book tours with their Oleotourism department by phone or email. Website
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The Estate

In the foothills of Sierra Morena in the province of Jaén, you can visit the best oil mill in Spain as well as the olive groves from which Oro Bailen is created

Includes an introduction to the world of olive oil and a guided tour of the mill where the extra virgin olive oil production process in explained, from the fruit reception, cleaning, beating and extraction, to the storage and bottling, and a guided Oro Bailén olive oil tasting session with its different varieties, where you will learn the basic principles of sensory analysis: olfactory, gustatory and retronasal.

Approximate duration: 60 - 90 minutes