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  • Koroneiki Crete 100ML Sample
  • Koroneiki Crete 100ML Sample
  • Koroneiki Crete 100ML Sample

Koroneiki Crete 100ML Sample

Crete, Greece
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Produced by Sun Grove Foods

Koroneiki extra virgin olive oil from the island of Crete, Greece.

  • Extra Virgin 100ml (3.38 oz)

    Extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality olive oil. By definition it must have some fruity flavor, zero defects, free fatty acid level below 0.8%, and be derived by cold extraction below 27°C ~ 80°F.

  • Varietals: Koroneiki

    There are hundreds of olive tree varieties, each with its own distinct taste and aromas.

  • Harvest Date: Fall 2020

    As a fresh food product, properly stored olive oil should be consumed within 2 years from the time of harvest for best flavor. Harvest runs from October through January in Northern Hemisphere regions, and from April through July in Southern Hemisphere regions.

This extra virgin olive oil is cold-extracted from 100% Koroneiki olives produced by small family-owned farms in the hills of Western Crete. It is characterized by its intense fruitiness of green apple, artichoke and freshly cut grass with a mild peppery finish. It is perfect for garden tomato salads, fish soups, legumes and goat cheeses and is an ideal oil for shallow-frying and baking.

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