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At Olive Oil Lovers, we travel all over the world to find the highest-quality olive oils from the world's best producers. Learn more about the renown producers by using the maps below.


    • Olearia San Giorgio

      Passion, solidity and dedication is what has been characterizing the agricultural work of Olearia San Giorgio for nearly 70 years. Since their foundation is 1940 by Domenico Fazari, three generations of the Fazari family have taken part in the activities of olive production, packaging and marketing of the different variety of oils. The olive trees used to produce the oil are situated on the mountain slopes of the National Park of Aspromonte in the towns of San Giorgio Morgeto and Cittanova. The Fazari family has lived in this fascinating territory, rich in history and culture, developing an intense relationship and deep bond with the land.

    • Olio Quattrociocchi

      Since 1888 the Quattrociocchi family has been dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees, handing down the tradition and passion generation after generation. The farm, still the residence of the Quattrociocchi family, is situated organic among olive groves on the sunny hills of Alatri in the heart of Ciociaria. Today the Quattrociocchi family produces some of the best extra virgin olive oils on the worldwide market, gaining international recognition and receiving prestigious awards such as the Hercules OLIVARO, the International Prize BIOL, and given an outstanding farm score of 98/100 in Marco Oreggia's 2014 Flos Olei extra virgin olive oil guidebook.

    • Olio Guglielmi

      Located in the renowned production area of Andria, Puglia in the Castel del Monte territory, Fratelli Guglielmi and his family have been producing outstanding extra virgin olive oils since 1954. Combining both tradition and modern technology with careful attention to every stage of the cultivation and production process, Fratelli Guglielmi produces extra virgin olive oils of the highest quality, pressing their olives no more than 12 hours after harvesting. Thanks to the care and passion for the land and its fruits, the Guglielmi family continues to gain recognition for their outstanding oils. Click Here to read about our visit to Olio Guglielmi.

    • Oleificio Sciroppo

      Located in the fertile landscape of Northern Puglia, renowned for its production of olives, the Sciroppo family has been cultivating and producing fine extra virgin olive oils since 1996. Great attention and dedication is devoted to the production of their Peranzana olives, a widely popular local variety that produces an oil of outstanding quality and taste. The hand-picked olives are crushed with a love and passion of the past, combined with modern knowledge and production techniques.

    • Oleificio Basiricò

      The Oleificio Basiricò olive oil company lies on the beautiful sloping plains of Mount Erice in Sicily where they apply the latest technology for their oil press and grinding equipment. The oil is extracted using a continuous extraction cycle made entirely of stainless steel. During the course of the day, the olives are picked by hand and briefly stored in well-ventilated containers and then cold pressed the same day. The freshly-extracted oil is then stored in stainless steel containers where the natural settling process is allowed to occur before being bottled resulting in an outstanding quality product.

    • Frantoi Cutrera

      For generations the Cutrera family has been dedicating their lives to the cultivation of olive trees and olive oil production, a profession carried on for decades with passion and love that binds the family to its land. The company's origins date back more than a century ago to 1906 when the Cutrera family first began to cultivate and care for their olive trees in Chiaramonte Gulfi, a small town in south-eastern Sicily.

      In 1979, Giovanni Cutrera, the head of the family, founded their very first mill the help of his wife, Mary. Over the years Giovanni’s children, Maria, Giusy and Salvatore joined their Dad on his farm, and in 1999, decided to open a second mill. The Cutrera family pays diligent attention to each stage of olive oil production: harvesting the olives by hand to minimize damage, transporting the olives to the mill within 6 hours and cold-extracting the oil with scrupulous attention. By maintaining a balance between tradition and innovation, Frantoi Cutrera continues the legacy that the farm's members have been putting into practice for over a century.

    • Frantoio Franci

      Founded in 1958, Frantoio Franci is located in Montenero d'Orcia, a small hilltop town on the slopes of the Amiata Mountains overlooking the splendid valley of the River Orcia. In that year the brothers Franco and Fernando Franci purchased the famous Villa Magra olive grove, proceeding to transform the old barn into an oil mill where they continue to produce some of the most outstanding oils in Tuscany today. Winning prestigious awards year after year from the likes of the Slow Food Guide, Flos Olei, and the "Maestri Oleari", the most prestigious international olive oil competition, Frantoio Franci continues to honor their commitment to producing true, genuine quality extra virgin olive oils without compromise.

    • Frantoio Pruneti

      In the heart of Chianti Classico, a territory famous for its excellent agricultural cultivation of olive trees, the young brothers Pruneti, passionate about extra virgin olive oil from an early age, live as guardians of a family tradition handed down over four generations. The Pruneti family personally oversees all stages of production through to the final product, ensuring that their oils reach the highest levels of quality. Applying both ancient wisdom and new knowledge to their production process, Pruneti's extra virgin olive oil has earned its place as a true symbol of the land. Their company was awarded the "Best Quality Prize" by the editors of Marco Oreggia's 2012 Flos Olei guidebook and given the "Top Farm" rating with a score of 97/100.

    • Agraria Riva del Garda

      The Riva del Garda Agraria was founded by royal decree in 1926 with the general purpose of promoting and supporting agriculture in the Garda Trentino area in Northern Italy. The local territory comprises the upper Lake Garda area, which is actually the most southern part of the Alpine region of Trentino-Alto Adige, and is a paradise which has remained largely undisturbed from outside influences.

      The upper Lake Garda area lies just below the 46th parallel and is an area with a mild climate protected by the Dolomite Mountains to the north and the warming effects of Lake Garda to the south. The lower Sarca Valley is one large garden, and those who cultivate it remain entranced by this fertile land with its abundant vineyards and lush olive groves in a peaceful, verdant and uncontaminated setting. It is easy to see why the Riva del Garda Agraria can rightfully boast of the high quality of the local products, which come from the earth, care and ancient traditions of the area.

    • CUFROL

      For many years the Gradassi family has been meticulously cultivating olives on the rocky terrains surrounding the medieval hilltop town of Campello sul Clitunno in the central Italian region of Umbria, known for its abundance in rich vegetation as the "Green Heart of Italy". Following a centuries' old family tradition, the olives are carefully handpicked and then brought to the olive mill on their Estate, which dates back to 1639. The Gradassi family produces some of the most spectacular extra virgin olive oils in Umbria. Warmth, simplicity, authenticity and an incredible passion for the good things in life is their philosophy.

      Situated just outside Spoleto and the nearby medieval town of Campello sul Clitunno, CUFROL was founded by some of the oldest olive mills in the central Italian region of Umbria and is led by the Gradassi family together with Tiziano Scacaroni. Founded in 1998, CUFROL created a central bottling and storage area, not only for its own Gradassi olive mill, but also for all of the local olive mills, many of whom own minority shares in the company. CUFROL's specific focus is to encourage traditional and organic farming methods and to highlight the qualities of a genuine Italian product created exclusively with olives grown, harvested and extracted in Italy.

    • Viola

      The area between Assisi and Spoleto in central Umbria, surrounded by majestic olive trees, has been the backdrop of the Viola family business since the 19th century. Here the Viola family has been cultivating olives and producing oil for generations. Today Marco Viola continues the family tradition and uses the most modern technologies.

      Aware of working in such a sensitive and vital sector as is the food industry, the company takes great care to develop and promote the principles of ethical conduct within their business as well as the environment, and to provide the best quality product to the consumer. Each oil is the result of a hard year's work which begins in the olive grove and ends in their oil mill. The cultivation, harvest and processing of the olives are carried out following the family's traditions, all of which contribute to make an oil for the discerning customer who is very selective and able to appreciate the oil's aroma and taste, which are the flavors of Umbria

    • Pago Baldios San Carlos

      Located in the Valley of Tiétar in Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain, the Pago Baldios San Carlos family has been linked to agriculture since the 17th century. The unique microclimate of the valley makes it possible to harvest fifteen days earlier than usual, giving their products an outstanding fruity flavor.

      The olive groves, located in the foothills of Sierra de Gredos and situated amongst raspberry, orange and cherry trees, drink the crystal clear waters provided by the almost perpetual snows of Pico Almanzor Mountain and ripen under the rays of the Extremadura sun. This extraordinary location allows their oils to reach minimum levels of acidity and gives their products the unique fruity aromas. The oils and vinegars of Pago Baldios San Carlos continually garner some of the most prestigious awards in the world and are beloved by some of the best Michelan Star chefs in Spain.

    • Oro del Desierto

      Oro del Desierto is a family-owned and operated business located in the Tabernas region of Southern Spain. In this unique rugged landscape with more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, fantastic extra virgin olive oils are being produced with great attention and care. The hand-harvested olives are cold-pressed using 100% renewable energy within eight hours of harvesting, resulting in a 100% organic extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality and flavor. Through the use of "clean" energy, Oro del Desierto understands the olive grove as an ecosystem in which they intervene and take great care in the management of the soil, plants, rainwater and wild animals, essential for maintaining the ecological culture. Click Here to read about our visit to Oro del Desierto.

    • Almazaras de la Subbética

      Almazaras de la Subbética is located within the rugged and mountainous terrain of the Sierras Subbéticas national park in the south of the Province of Córdoba, an area with a unique microclimate characterized by high rainfall and large temperature variations. It is in this setting that their legendary mature olive trees stand majestically in a landscape that has remained unchanged through the passage of time.

      Almazaras de la Subbética is a first-level agricultural cooperative formed in July of 2007 following the merger of two prestigious and experienced cooperatives: S.C.A Virgen del Castillo, founded in 1954 in Carcabuey and S.C.A Olivarera Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno, founded in the early 1960s in Priego de Córdoba. With the modernization of farming techniques, the use of modern machinery and a focus on top quality, Almazaras de la Subbética has managed to adapt tradition and technology to the high quality standards demanded by the most discerning of consumers.

    • Mueloliva

      Over 70 years ago Mr. Muela Mateo Velasco, founder of Mueloliva, decided that the future of olive oil was in the perseverance of the tradition, rather than massed production. With this wise decision, he became the first to demonstrate that in the olive oil sector, attention to quality will provide the best result, a project far ahead of its time. Mueloliva, located in Priego de Cordoba, is located on a fertile plain at the foot of the Sierras Subbéticas where mountains and olive trees dominate the landscape.

      A unique microclimate, characterized by high rainfall and large temperature variations, along with a mountainous terrain, give the area specific nuances that make it different from any other. Because the Muela Oil Mill has a unique and exclusive system that allows the extraction of oil without any water or heat input during the process, all attributes of the olive oil are preserved, resulting in an extra virgin oil with a high concentration of tocoferols, phytosterols and phenols, all important nutritional components.

    • Castillo de Canena

      Located in the Guadalquivir Valley in the region of Jaen in the heart of Andalusia, Castillo de Canena is a distinct and unique family business involved in the complete process in creating extra virgin oils, from the trees and the land to its commercialization. Author and journalist, Tom Mueller, visits the Castillo de Canena Estate in his recent book, Extra Virginity, and highlights the careful practices of the company.

      During the harvest, the olives are selected by hand at the perfect time, from specially selected trees before being carefully transferred to their mill. The olive trees are gently watered by 8 kilometers of the river Guadiana Menor, giving their oils a sweeter and less peppery taste and guaranteeing each year's harvest will be a full of aroma and taste. Castillo de Canena takes great care of their olives as well as the land with a "natural and environmentally respectful and integrated system" and is certified on a monthly basis by official inspectors. Click Here to read about our visit to Castillo de Canena.

    • Galgón 99 SL

      Located in the town of Villanueva de la Reina in the province of Jaén, Galgón 99 SL is sited in the province's Sierra Norte in the foothills of the Sierra Morena, a Mediterranean forest full of a wide variety of flora and fauna. Owned and operated by the Gálvez González family, they are able to oversee the various phases of production, providing full traceability, from the formation of the fruit on the tree to the final packaging, ensuring an excellent quality product.

    • Oleoestepa

      Oleoestepa was founded in 1986 for the purpose of uniting the efforts of more than 4,000 olive growers and 16 associated oil mills located in the Estepa and Puente Genil districts of Seville and Cordoba. The richness of the soil and unique climate of the area, strongly influenced by the Becerreo and Aguila Sierras, provides an ideal condition for the varieties of olives typical of the region. With a large team of highly-trained technicians, oil production masters, agricultural engineers and quality assurance managers working together with cutting-edge technology, Oleoestepa is able to produce some of the world's finest extra virgin olive oils.

      In 2013, Oleoestepa's Estepa Virgen won the International Olive Oil Council's Mario Solinas Quality Award, often regarded as the industry's most prestigious award worldwide.

    • Masia el Altet

      The exceptional extra virgin olive oils of Masia el Altet are produced from native olives collected in the fields of the Alicante Mountains of Valencia, an area with a unique microclimate that allows the production of olives. Their rural farm is located in a narrow valley known as Polop, surrounded by mountains, pines, oaks and junipers. Bushes of sage, thyme, rosemary and mint dot the hillsides, contributing to the extraordinary beauty of the area known as the "Kingdom of Valencia".

      During the harvest season, the olives are picked at the ideal state of maturity and immediately transferred to the olive mill where they are cold-extracted, decanted, and preserved with nitrogen in stainless steel tanks, ensuring the oil's quality and integrity. The oils of Masia el Altet are prized by internationally recognized Michelin Star chefs and continue to garner some of the most prestigious awards in the world.

    • Aralia Olive Oils

      Owner of Aralia Olive Oil, Emmanuel Daskalakis, brings you his special ARIA olive oil pressed from olives grown in the sun-rich soil and sea-salt air on the island of Crete. Here the olives are nurtured to perfection and upon reaching their optimal ripeness, they are harvested and with uncompromising integrity, transformed into an oil of exceptionally high quality. By combining centuries-old harvesting traditions with the latest in production technology Aralia ensures the oil that is extracted retains the special qualities that give Aria its distinctive flavor, aroma and low acidity.

    • Cretan Taste

      A very small artisan family-owned business, Cretan Taste specializes in traditional olive oil products. The family carries on a traditional craft passed on from generation to generation, which dates back to ancient Greece when aromatized oils were a very important aspect of daily life.

    • Kreta Food

      Kreta Food has its roots in Southwestern Crete, where in 1908 the owner's family founded their first olive mill. More than a century later, the company is the principle producer of premium olive oil on the island. Located in a region blessed with abundant sunshine, excellent soil conditions, gentle sea breezes, and a temperate climate, Crete is the ultimate land for cultivating the ultimate fruit. The olives are grown on small family farms where every step of the growing process benefits from the owners' personal attention. The exact moment of ripeness is precisely determined, picking is done by hand, and the olives are crushed within hours. The result is an amazing and unique, fragrant oil.

    • Deli Foods

      This oil is produced by a dedicated brother and sister team who are committed to producing an exceptional award-winning oil by selecting the very best oils pressed each year in their Sitia homeland.

    • My Olive Tree

      My Olive Tree is produced with a sophisticated combination of the traditional and the technologically advanced. The olive trees are from an ancient land and cared for with natural means with respect for the surrounding environment. Olives are handpicked and pressed immediately in the traditional local mill. As a result, the oil is of the highest quality and lowest possible acidity without chemical additives or any kind of further processing involved. A deep emerald green, the oil is rich in aromas of fresh cut grass, artichoke and sweet almond and pairs deliciously with an array of fresh foods from a typical Greek Salad of fresh tomatoes, cucumber and feta, to dressing grilled fish, vegetables and legumes.

    • Tagalakis

      The extra virgin olive oil of the Tagalakis family is produced exclusively in the area of Pylia in Messinia, an area in the Southern Pelopennese known for its superior quality olive oil. It is here where the family cultivates olive trees belonging exclusively to the Koroneiki variety which is widely known in Greece for producing the best quality olive oil. The Tagalakis family has been dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees for more than a century with special care and attention. Through the knowledge and love for this exceptional product, they continue to observe and critically follow all the requirements necessary to produce only the most exquisite extra virgin olive oil for which their ancestors would be proud.

    • Manousakis

      In the year 2000, Greek TV and film director Manousos Manousakis and his family decided to revive a unique olive grove at the foot of Mount Parnonas in the historic village of Sellasia near Sparta in the Laconian Peloponnese. For the Manousakis family, organic sustainable agriculture is both a necessary and realistic alternative to chemical-intensive farming. They understand thoroughly that excessive pesticide use, soil degradation and genetic homogenization of crops threaten the biodiversity of the countryside, the water we drink and the quality of our food.

      After years of painstaking devotion, their products have reached the peak of quality they were seeking, and have begun to share this truly special olive oil with all those wishing to experience the authentic flavors of the Peloponnese.

    • Morgenster Estate

      For 300 years Morgenster has attracted and inspired people through its blend of beautiful surroundings, excellent terrior and a manor house recognized as one of the great houses of the Western Cape. Morgenster Estate owner, Giulio Bertrand, maintains a lifelong philosophy of producing only the highest quality products in line with his motto: "Where there is passion there is no compromise". He built a long-term partnership with the Olive Oil Research Institute of Italy from where he imports the world's most renowned olive tree varieties and leading production technology.

      The trees are propagated in the Morgenster nursery and are then sold to local farms to advance the local olive industry. This has given South Africa a competitive edge and the Estate continues to garner coveted local and international awards. Past awards have included "Best Blended Olive Oil in the world" and "Mill of the year" at L'Extravergine and most recently the "Made with Love" Farm award in the 2014 Flos Olei Guide with a farm rating of 98/100.

    • Château d'Estoublon

      Château d'Estoublon is located on the southern slopes of the Alpilles, in the heart of Provence, where their orchards and vineyards have been classified A.O.P. Les Baux de Provence since 1995. With 212 acres of olive trees and 47 acres of vineyards, Château d'Estoublon is rightly considered to be one of the most outstanding sites in the region. The Grossane, Béruguette, Saloneque, Bouteillan and Picholine olives are the five varieties produced by the Château and are harvested by hand from early November to mid-December. All of their olives are extra virgin, cold extracted and pressed in their mill.

    • Castelas

      After living for 15 years on the wide-open plains of Arizona, Catherine and Jean-Benoît Hugues decided to return home to their roots in Provence to dedicate themselves to their passion: the olive tree. The Domain Castelas’ story began in 1997 when they fell in love with some old olive trees planted in south-facing land in the rocky range of Les Alpilles, in the locality of Castelas.

      Today Domaine Castelas produces olives on 110 acres of Appellation d’Origine Protégée (AOP) groves in the Vallée des Baux de Provence and in 160 acres on the Plaine de Crau. At their mill located at the foot of the Château des Baux, Catherine and Jean-Benoît combine know-how, passion, high standards, technique, and all of their olive farmers’ sensibility, to create intensely powerful olive oils year after year. In their characterful oils you will find the terroir of Les Alpilles, the varieties typical of the appellation (Salonenque, Aglandau, Grossane and Verdale) and the miller’s manual craft. The CastelineS Collection unveils their oils’ treasures of flavour and complexity, distinguished regularly by prizes at the Concours Général Agricole in Paris and their 95 point farm rating in Flos Olei: A Guide to the World of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    • Olivos Ruta del Sol

      Olivos Ruta del Sol was founded on the principle of producing high quality extra virgin olive oils in the fertile region of central Chile by growing and blending different varieties common to Italy, Spain, Greece and France. The oil is produced with olives selected from 360 hectares of orchards located in the Colchagua and Leyda Valleys of Central Chile.

      Owing to the ideal climate conditions of the valleys and coastal influence of the Pacific Ocean, the ripening process of the olives is slow and balanced which gives an outstanding combination of flavors and aromas. Influenced by the robust flavor and quality of Tuscan olive oils, Olivos Ruta del Sol uses only the best technology and cold extraction at their olive mills, creating wonderfully balanced, fruit-forward oils.