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Catalan Olive Oil

Browse our selection of premium-quality olive oils from award-winning producers in Catalonia.

More About Catalan Olive Oil

The Catalonia region of Spain is located in the Northeast of the country along the border with France. Catalonia typically makes up about 4% of Spain’s overall olive oil cultivation. This is a region with vast geographic differences, from the city of Barcelona and the beaches along the Mediterranean coast, to the peaks of the Pyrenees and the central plains below nourished by the mountain streams. The main area of olive production is the inland area around Lleida with its typical temperate Mediterranean climate. Lleida is home to the Les Garrigues PDO region, which is the oldest regional certification in Spain. The primary olive cultivated in Catalonia is the Arbequina. Often considered native to Catalonia, many sources suggest that the Arbequina olive was brought to Catalonia from Palestine in the 1600s by the Duke of Medinaceli. Today the producer Henri Mor of Lleida produces some of the world's most expressive Arbequina olive oils.