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French Olive Oil

Browse our selection of premium-quality extra virgin olive oils from top producers in France.

More About French Olive Oil

While France produces olive oil on a lower scale than its neighbors, the French emphasize quality over quantity, with most olive oil coming from small farms in regions designated with strict controls on quality, variety, and yield. Many French olive oil producers pride themselves on achieving stringent production and quality standards. Some of the requirements include tree density, harvest methods, and modern extraction practices. As a result, many French Olive Oils are priced higher than olive oils from other countries due to the low ratio of olives used to obtain a liter of olive oil. France has about 30,000 olive farmers across 12 different regions and produces between 3000-6000 tons of olive oil every year, the majority of which qualifies as extra virgin. 

Like many territories in the Mediterranean basin, olive trees were first introduced into Southern France by the Romans. Olive culture thrived in France from the the Middle Ages, when many villages had an olive mill, all the way into the mid-20th century. However, a momentous freeze in the 1950s decimated olive production, leading many farmers to begin replacing their groves with grape vines. Over the last few decades olive production in the South of France has rebounded, largely due to the acknowledged health benefits of extra virgin olive oil. 

Most olive oil production occurs in the South of France with its typical Mediterranean climate and and chalky, calcareous soils. Olive trees in France are often found beside woods and hilly scrubland, and among grape vines, lavender and other fruit trees. Some of the main olive varieties in France include Aglandau, Beruguette, Bouteillan, Grossane, Lucques, Picholine and Salonenque.