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Ligurian Olive Oil

Browse our selection of premium-quality olive oils from award-winning producers in Liguria.

More About Ligurian Olive Oil

Liguria is a small olive producing area in the northwest of Italy that contains the 'Italian Riviera' overlooking the Ligurian Sea. Liguria forms part of the border with France, and also borders the Piedmont region to the north and Tuscany to the southeast. The major city in the province is Genoa. The tradition of olive tree cultivation in Liguria has a thousand-year old history that began with the Romans. Olives here are typically grown on the slopes of high hills on terraced land overlooking the sea, and cultivation is dominated by the Taggiasca olive. At Olive Oil Lovers the region of Liguria is represented by the Paolo Cassini company. Basil pesto is said to have originated in Liguria, making the delicate oils of the Taggiasca a perfect choice when making pesto at home.