"Pick Six" Build Your Own Sampler

"Pick Six" Build Your Own Sampler

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#01 - 46° Parallelo Casaliva 100ML Sample - This monovarietal oil from Trentino Alto-Adige is produced from local early-harvest Casaliva olives. It has a well-balanced, vegetal flavor with pronounced herbaceous notes and a distinct black pepper and almond finish.

#02 - 46° Parallelo Organic 100ML Sample - Cultivated in the well-ventilated basin along the Trentino shores of Lake Garda in Italy, the 100% organic olives are harvested early and the oil features a high content of oleic acid.

#03 - Frantoio Franci Moraiolo 100ML Sample - From hand-picked Moraiolo grown olives in the hills of Montenero d’Orcia in Tuscany, this intense, pungent, herbaceous oil is rich in notes of artichoke and chicory. Its flavor is ample and complex with a great intensity of bitter and spicy notes, then adds a herbaceous aftertaste and a long persistence of smooth aromatic notes.

#04 - Frantoio Franci Olivastra Seggianese 100ML Sample - Pressed from 100% hand-picked Olivastra Seggianese variety olives, this oil maintains a clear scent of olives. The flavor is delicate and well-rounded with a well-balanced fruity and herbaceous flavor. Initially sweet, it finishes with a medium peppery intensity.

#05 - Frantoio Franci Villa Magra 100ML Sample - One of Frantoio Franci’s most awarded oils from Tuscany, this oil is intensely fruity, yet harmonious and well-structured with a fresh, rich finish of spicy grass.

#06 - Guglielmi Fruttato Biologico 100ML Sample - From from Coratina and Peranzana olives, this dense, full-bodied oil has herbaceous aromas and is distinguished by fruity green notes of medium intensity with a touch of spiciness.

#07 - Guglielmi Intenso 100ML Sample - Crushed from 100% Coratina variety olives grown in Northern Puglia, this robust oil is intensely fruity with pleasant bitter and spicy notes and a rich vegetal aroma.

#08 - Iannotta Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100ML Sample - Made exclusively from locally grown Itrana olives in the area of Colline Pontine in Lazio, Italy, this oil has fruitiness of medium intensity and fragrant aromas of freshly cut grass and tomato leaf with flavors of fresh herbs and green almonds.

#09 - Iannotta Organic 100ML Sample - Made exclusively from local, organically farmed Itrana olives in Lazio, Italy, this oil has fruitiness of medium intensity and fragrant aromas of freshly cut grass and tomato leaf with flavors of fresh herbs and green almonds. It is an exceptional oil - balanced, complex, and elegant.

#10 - Librandi Organic Carolea 100ML Sample - From organic Carolea olives hand-picked in the province of Cosenza, Calabria, this oil has a powerful aroma and is elegantly flavorful with a slightly spicy finish.

#11 - Librandi Organic Frantoio 100ML Sample - From the province of Cosenza, Calabria this oil of organically farmed Frantoio olives has an aroma of artichoke with a complex flavor accompanied by a pleasant bitterness and spicy finish.

#12 - Librandi Organic Nocellara del Belice 100ML Sample - From organic Nocellara del Belice olives hand-picked in Calabria, this oil has a strong, rotund aroma, and is rich in fruity notes with distinct bitterness and pungency and a sweet almond finish.

#13 - Olio de Carlo il Classico 100ML Sample - Made from stone-crushed Ogliarola and Coratina olives harvested in the Bitritto countryside, this oil has a strong olive aroma with hints of artichokes and green almonds. Its flavor is soft and balanced, characterized by hints of fresh grass with a sweet almond aftertaste.

#14 - Olio de Carlo Tenuta Torre di Mossa DOP Terra di Bari 100ML Sample - Stone crushed and cold-extracted from Coratina olives this oil is elegant and expansive, with aromas of olive and fresh cut grass. Sweet upon initial impact, it soon reveals an intense, persistent hint of pepper that bursts with vitality.

#15 - Olio Quattrociocchi Classico 100ML Sample - Produced from a blend of organic olives, this oil has medium-intense fruitiness with a strong aroma, balanced flavor, and a strong, pungent finish.

#16 - Olio Quattrociocchi Delicato 100ML Sample - From hand-picked, organically-grown Leccino olives from the Quattrociocchi estate in Lazio, Italy, this harmonious oil has aromatic notes and a delicate flavor.

#17 - Olio Quattrociocchi Olivastro 100ML Sample - Produced from 100% Itrana variety olives grown on the Quattrociocchi Estate in Alatri, this oil has a complex, fruity aroma enhanced yet is pleasantly balanced by bitterness and spiciness.

#18 - Olio Quattrociocchi Superbo 100ML Sample - Produced from organic Moraiolo variety olives, this oil has intense fruitiness yet finished strong with bittnerness and pungency. This oil for the true connoisseur is well-balanced throughout.

#19 - Oro Bailen Reserva Familiar Arbequina 100ML Sample - Pressed from 100% estate-grown Arbequina olives, this oil delivers aromas of tropical fruits, banana and sweet almond. It is incredibly balanced in fruitiness and pungency and is the perfect oil to complement lighter dishes.

#20 - Oro Bailen Reserva Familiar Picual 100ML Sample - Not your ordinary Picual, this truly outstanding extra virgin oil is produced from olives grown in the foothills of the Sierra Morena in the province of Jaén. Due to the intensity of its fruity flavor and the complexity of its aromas, this oil has an exceptional balance between bitter and spicy.

#21 - Oro del Desierto Arbequina 100ML Sample - From 100% Arbequina olives this is a medium fruity oil known for its complex vegetal aroma with hints of ripe tropical fruits, banana, parsley and basil.

#22 - Oro del Desierto Hojiblanca 100ML Sample - From 100% Hojiblanca olives this is a medium-robust intense fruity oil, strong with elegant fruity notes and a robust and spicy taste with well-balanced bitterness and pungency.

#23 - Oro del Desierto Lechin 100ML Sample - From 100% organic Lechin olives, this medium-light fruity oil is known for its complex aroma, with a well-balanced flavor and a delicate spicy finish.

#24 - Oro del Desierto Picual 100ML Sample - This organic oil from 100% Picual variety olives is a medium-intense fruity oil with well-rounded fruity aroma and robust taste with vegetal notes and almond finish.

#25 - Oro del Desierto Coupage 100ML Sample - An award-winning oil blended by the Master Taster to create a taste that is well-balanced and medium to smooth in intensity with a pleasant, slightly spicy aftertaste.

#26 - Pruneti Colline di Firenze IGP Toscano 100ML Sample - From olives hand-picked in the San Polo area of Chianti, this IGP certified, medium-light fruity oil has notes of fruit and sweet vegetables with olive notes and a slight spicy, white pepper finish.

#27 - ULIVA 100ML Sample - From early harvest Casaliva olives, this oil perfectly represents the DOP Garda Trentino, with its notable fresh, crisp taste as well as an accompanying grassy nose.

#28 - Viola Inprivio 100ML Sample - A light fruity oil pressed from locally grown Frantoio and Leccino olives grown in the S. Eraclio di Foligno area of Umbria, it performs excellently on a variety of light dishes.

#29 - Viola il Sincero 100ML Sample - This oil produced in Umbria exclusively from Moraiolo olives, the oldest and primary variety grown on the stony hillside of Viola estate, has a unique, intense flavor typical of this variety. Winner of 2019 Flos Olei Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Year.

#30 - Viola Colleruita DOP Umbria Colli Assisi-Spoleto 100ML Sample - This typical Umbrian oil from a blend of regional olives grown on the hills in Colli Assisi Spoleto has an intense lingering aroma with a harmonious balance of pungent and peppery flavors.

#31 - Olio De Carlo Crushed Basil 100ML SampleThis stone-crushed basil extra virgin olive oil is made by milling hand-picked olives simultaneously with fresh picked basil. Try on salads, bruschetta, grilled and steamed vegetables, sauces and fresh cheeses.

#32 - Olio De Carlo Crushed Garlic 100ML Sample - This stone-crushed garlic extra virgin olive oil is made by milling hand-picked olives simultaneously with fresh garlic. Try with mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables and roasted meats or drizzled over toasted bread and wood-oven pizza.

#33 - Olio De Carlo Crushed Peperoncino 100ML SampleThis stone-crushed peperoncino extra virgin olive oil is made by milling hand-picked Coratina and Ogliarola olives simultaneously with peperoncino chili peppers. Try drizzled over tomato pasta, grilled meats, in sauces or over wood-oven pizza.

#34 - Olio De Carlo Crushed Lemon 100ML Sample - This stone-crushed garlic extra virgin olive oil is made by milling hand-picked Coratina and Ogliarola olives simultaneously with fresh lemons. Try on grilled fish, steamed vegetables, with pesto, drizzled over pasta salad and even ice cream.

#35 - Olio Guglielmi Crushed Basil 100ML Sample - Made with natural flavorings and no artificial additives, this high quality extra virgin olive oil infused with basil is excellent for pestos or drizzled over fresh tomatoes and mozzarella.

#36 - Olio Guglielmi Crushed Garlic 100ML Sample - Made by milling hand-picked olives simultaneously with fresh garlic, this oil is incredibly aromatic and truly natural in flavor.

#37 - Olio Guglielmi Crushed Chili Pepper 100ML Sample - Made with natural flavorings and no artificial additives, this spicy red chili pepper oil is infused with their highest quality extra virgin olive oil for superior flavor. Perfect for adding some heat to your next meal.

#38 - Olio Guglielmi Crushed Lemon 100ML Sample - Made with natural flavorings and no artificial additives this high quality extra virgin olive oil is infused with real lemon for superior flavor. Try on grilled fish or drizzled over fresh hummus. 

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Extra Virgin Olive Oils
Extra Virgin Olive Oils
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Fall 2017

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