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Cretan Olive Oil

Browse our selection of quality extra virgin olive oils from award-winning producers from the Greek island of Crete.

More About Cretan Olive Oil

On the southernmost Greek island of Crete, an agricultural tradition that began thousands of years ago is continued today by a community of generational family farms. The olive tree plays a central role in this tradition, making it integral to the economy and culture of Crete. The bees and sheep that roam the countryside of Crete work with the olive tree to create a native ecosystem in which plants and animals thrive. Like the island's shepherds with their sheep, the olives' farmers act as caretakers who help guide an efficient system that requires minimal intervention to produce world-class products. On Crete, both Nature and Farmer evolved together to create the perfect environment for naturally sustainable olive oil production. Click here to learn more about sustainable olive oil from Crete.