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Sicilian Olive Oil

Browse our selection of premium-quality Sicilian olive oils from award-winning producers.

More About Sicilian Olive Oil

The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily is situated at the southern tip of the Italian peninsula, just off the west coast of the toe of Italy's boot region. The olives grown here benefit from the typical Mediterranean climate and an abundance of mineral-rich volcanic soil. Depending on the year, the Sicily region produces about 6-10% of Italy's total olive oil. The province supports the IPG Sicilia certification as well as 6 unique PDO areas: Valli Trapanesi, Valle del Belice, Val Demone, Val di Mazara, Monti Iblei and Monte Etna. Olive cultivation in Sicily has taken place since at least 600 BCE. Today many families have a few trees on their land. After harvest they take their family's olives to the local cooperative olive mill for crushing. For a price they can have their olives milled separately, or instead they group their olives into the cooperative's production and take a percentage of oil based on the olives they provided. Some of the companies producing amazing olive oil in Sicily are Basirico, Frantoi Cutrera, and Mandranova. The main olive varieties found include Biancolilla, Carolea, Cerasuola, Moresca, Nocellara, and Tonda Iblea.