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Tuscan Olive Oil

Browse our selection of premium-quality Tuscan olive oils from award-winning producers.

More About Tuscan Olive Oil

The Tuscany region in central Italy is known for its rolling hillsides and picturesque vistas. While often associated with olive oil production, Tuscany only produces about 3% of Italy's total olive oil each year. In addition to the PGI Toscano, the area also has 4 PDOs: Chianti Classico, Lucca, Seggiano, and Terre di Siena. This area was orignally settled by the Etruscans, who considered the olive tree sacred. During the Renaissance period and beyond, the Medici family encouraged the spread of the olive tree throughout Florence and the surrounding land. Notable producers in this region today include Frantoio Franci, Frantoio Pruneti, and Pietre al Monte. The most common olive varieties found in this area are Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, and Seggianese.