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About EVOO

Is Olive Oil Good For You?

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a healthy fat made by extracting the naturally produced fats from the fruit of the olive tree. Most modern extraction occurs by crushing the olives (pit included) using a clean and cold mechanical process and then separating the water and solids from the oil in a centrifuge. The result is an unadulterated natural fruit fat: olive oil.

There are levels of quality to the final product. Generally speaking, unblemished olives that are treated with care and processed soon after harvest will yield an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a pleasant aroma and positive health benefits.

Of course, not all olives are harvested in a timely manner or handled carefully. These olives produce oils of virgin quality or worse. The lowest quality olive oils must be refined in a factory prior to human consumption. These refined oils will have small amounts of Extra Virgin Olive Oil added before being sold with labels like Olive Oil, Pure Olive Oil, Light Olive Oil, or Extra Light Olive Oil. While not near the same standard as 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, because they contain some amount of EVOO, these labels above are better choices than seed or vegetable oils, like soy, canola, corn, etc. Seed oils by definition must be refined and chemically processed to meet food quality standards, and yet they still break down into toxic byproducts when heated. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is your best choice for a healthy cooking fat.

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It's important to include healthy fats in your diet. Dietary fats are an essential part of a healthy diet, as fats provide energy, improve cell growth and absorption of nutrients, and create important hormones. Extra Virgin Olive Oil also contains antioxidants that improve everyday body function by slowing down and healing the natural cellular damage that occurs over time.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a great choice for your diet, and it can also provide benefits when used on other parts of the body.

Your body: What is olive oil good for?

Look through the slideshow below for more ways olive oil can be good for your body.




Using olive oil in your hair or on your scalp can:

•  Nourish hair to make it more smooth and silky.

•  Help combat dandruff.

•  Help prevent split ends.

•  Soften the scalp to reduce irratations.

•  Tame wild, frizzy hair.




Using olive oil on your lips:

• An excellent moisturizer used in many skin care products.

• Protects lips from dryness and becoming chapped.

• Use like you would lip balm or other lip care products.




Using olive oil on your skin:

• Natural serum to preserve hydration and moisturize skin.

• Contains important vitamins.

• Antioxidant properties help protect skin and heal damaged cells.

• Has antibacterial properties.

• Can help fight skin cancer cells.

• Not recommended for use on infants or individuals with some skin conditions. Always consult a doctor with any health inquiries.




Using olive oil in your beard:

• Can keep beard healthy and moisturized.

• Protects the skin under your beard from dryness and irritation.

• Helps to control thick, wild beards.

• Best used when face and beard are still damp.




Using olive oil on your eyelashes:

• Helps makelashes appear longer and more full.

• Healthy, natural product that contains no chemical additives.

• Includes vitamins to help improve lash health.

• Can be used to help remove eye makeup.




Using olive oil on your fingernails:

• Can help heal brittle nails and moisturize dry cuticles.

• Apply daily to repair damage and soften nails.

• Can give nails a natural, healthy-looking shine.

• May improve nail growth with regular treatment.

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